SCE 3rd Graders Study Ancient Greece
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Friday, September 19, 2014
SCE Third Graders
SCE Third Graders

The students in Mrs. Heidi Goodin's third grade class at Schley County Elementary School recently completed a study of Ancient Greece.  Students learned about Greek architecture, the development of democracy, and the origin of the Olympics.  Students furthered their study by comparing the direct democratic form of government of Ancient Greece with representative democracy in the United States today.  As a culminating activity, students were given a choice board to complete a research project of Ancient Greece.  Students could choose projects ranging from creating posters of Ancient Greece, making travel brochures, creating alphabet books, producing video commercials, and other various project options.  While having fun fulfilling the requirements of the research projects, Mrs. Goodin's students demonstrated subject knowledge and further use of various technologies learning about Ancient Greece.

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