Mrs. Wyrick’s First Graders Learn All about the Water Cycle
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Monday, September 29, 2014
Student with Water Cycle Project
Student with Water Cycle Project

First Graders at Schley County Elementary are learning about the water cycle in many different ways.  Mrs. Wyrick’s class sings the “Water Cycle Hoe Down” to remember the order of events that take place in the water cycle. Students have also made water cycle bracelets. They added a different color bead to represent each step of the cycle.  The “Cloud in a Cup” experiment was a class favorite! Mrs. Wyrick topped off a cup of water with shaving cream to represent a cloud.  The class discussed how clouds form from condensation of water vapor.  Next, students added drops of blue food coloring to the shaving cream until it started to fall through into the cup. During this part of the experiment, the class talked about how the water droplets become heavy in clouds and eventually fall to the ground as precipitation. Students were able to show their findings from the experiment by drawing and writing about what they observed.

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