SCE 1st Graders go “Nuts” for their Cross-Curricular Peanut Unit
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Tuesday, December 09, 2014
Student writing about peanuts
Student writing about peanuts

First graders at Schley County Elementary are learning about George Washington Carver in Social Studies. Mrs. Manucy’s class researched the many ways Mr. Carver found to use peanuts. Students were very surprised to find that he made so many different products from peanuts.  Those products included milk, cheese, soap, grease, and many others!  Mr. Carver’s research helped poor southern farmers change their farming practices and improve their diets. He stressed the importance of planting peanuts to upgrade the quality of the soil.

After learning all about peanuts, the class observed peanuts and wrote about them. First, students had to draw a peanut and describe the texture. Next, students had to shake the peanuts to hear what was inside. During the investigation, students had to write about all of their findings. Students had to come up with their own ideas of how to use peanuts! Finally, they had to write about why George Washington Carver is so important in our history.  

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